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About Us

Welcome to AllZone

ALLZONE COMMUNICATION. is one of the biggest supplier all over the world in the Security products & Consumer electronics providing a range of, fingerprint time & attendance, fingerprint access controls, fingerprint door locks , CCTV Surveillance & Home Automation solutions and Software Solutions.

Since 2014, has been at the forefront of Security Surveillance, providing innovative and high-value solutions for business and consumers. The AllZone name stands for the highest quality products and a profitable partnership, AllZone began supplying time & attendance, access control, door lock , cctv etc. AllZone became the leader in the development of fingerprint applications, as a leading biometric company, comprising R&D, design and manufacture with there co partners in different location.

In 2014 We started Consumer electronics & becomes masters in it , With very competitive prices , we are trying to give our products with extreme quality, services yet affordable prices..

Our team comprises of the following members:

1. AllZone Gym Management Solution

2. AllZone Library Management Solutions

3. AllZone Club Management Solutins

4. AllZone School attendance Management Solution

5. AllZone Visitor Management Solutions

6. AllZone Multi Location Attendance Solution on cloud

7. AllZone Multi Door Access Control System

8. AllZone Time Attendance Management Solution

9. AllZone Payroll Management Solution

10. AllZone Canteen management Solution

Solutions by Industry

AllZone Library Management System

AllZone Club Management System

AllZone School attendance Management System

AllZone Visitor Management System

AllZone Multi Location Attendance Solution on cloud

AllZone Multi Door Access Control System