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No Touch Exit Button (Model No: AZ-NT-303)


AllZone No Touch Stainless Steel Door Exit Switch/Touch Free Exit Push Release Button Switch for Electric Access Control (Model No: AZ-NT-303)

  • Input Volt: DC 12V
  • Operation temperature : -20°C ~ 55°C
  • Operation: Touch Free Exit Sensor
  • Contact: NO, NC, COM
  • Life: 100,000 Times
  • Body: Durable Body

·         No touch / Touch free Exit Sensor (Diffused Detection) Made of durable stainless steel plate material, there      is a non-touch infrared exit sensor and beautiful appearance and there are two LED color indications and   easy to install and use. Works with all electrical access control door locking mechanisms like electric   locks/strikes, magnetic locks, automatic door operators etc.

·      Free from contagious diseases spread

·      Application: Gate/Door/Exit/Automation control

·      Twin led indicators for sensor standby or approached Sensor Standby: BLUE LED ON Visitors whom approached to the sensor in 10 cm : GREEN LED ON.

·      Detection range: 0.1 ~ 10 cm This infrared switch features no touch exit, widely used in access control systems. A high end range of 'no touch' exit buttons, which cover a broad spectrum of requirements. built timer delay, which allows you to dictate the amount of time which the electromagnetic lock remains open. Whereas comes complete with exit button and emergency door release, combined within one unit.


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